Who Came A-Knocking

Who says doorknobs are only for doors?…not me! Some antique glass door handles are far too pretty to just be wasted on a door. If you’re a fan of antiques and like to incorporate them into your interior decor as much as humanly possible, here are a few nontraditional ways to use door handles and add some unique design to your home and are the perfect addition to a shabby chic motif.

Alternative Doors
One option for glass door handles is to keep using them for their traditional purpose, just this time not on a traditional door. Storage spaces such as cabinets, cupboards, drawers and pretty much anything else with a door can be used to sport antique handles.

Outerwear Care
Attaching antique door handles to a wall in your mud room or entry way that’s near your door makes for a creative looking coat hanger. Using multipe knobs that don’t match will also add a quirky contemporary charm to the look. The hanger idea isn’t limited to just the bathroom either. Glass knobs make great and unique hangers for hand or bathing towels in your bathroom. Hanging them in the rooms for your children can help them keep things looking tidy. The hangers can be used to give them easy access to baby blankets, hang-able toys, etc.

Antique Overload
This project is for those that possess a deep love of antiques as well as a creative and crafty flare. Take old and smaller picture frames and paint them from top to bottom with colors and textures that compliment the decor of the room that you intend to hang them in. Then mount the door handles to them to create an interesting 3D piece of art. Hanging numerous frames, each having their own unique looks, on the same wall makes for a conversational mural or collage.